Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, I am a slacker and didn't post what we did yesterday. So I'll do it today. Nothing too exciting to report, just normal everyday things. Ryan, yesterday was my first day working in the office for Haven Homes. It went good, so that's a relief. Ellie did good during the night, only getting up one time, ending up in the bed with me though. She went over to Casie's while I was at work and your mom did some things around the house. I got home with Ellie about 6:45 and Same came over and we had tacos and taco salad for dinner. Your mom made it. Because Ellie has been staying up an hour past her bedtime, I thought it would be ok to take Sam shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for some school supplies. Of course we get in the car and Ellie zonks out! Poor little thing, I felt so bad dragging her out. But she slept the whole time we shopped. We were there for about an hour and got lots of things for Sam. Then we came home and I put her to bed. Sam stayed over for a litte while and talked and then he left. I was pooped so I went to bed about 11:00. Ellie woke up around 2 am and then I fed her and fell asleep with her....I know I have got to stop doing that. I fully intend to do it every night and I think I am just out of it when she gets up and am not thinking clearly....I am GOING TO DO IT RIGHT TODAY! So anyway that was pretty much it for yesterday. Ellie's new thing is making a fish face. I am going to try and get a picture of her doing it and I"ll post it if I get it. It's so funny! She sucks the sides of her top lip in and she looks just like a fish! I'll post some pictures tonight so you'll have something to look at! We love you and miss you!!!!!

Libby and Ellie

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  1. obviously Ryan is not a 'commenter' so I'll just do it for him! He read this post I know and I'm sure he is dying to see a picture of that cute little fish face and so am I! We still have had no luck finding a calling card...apparently there is no such thing over here because everytime we ask someone they look at us like we are from outer space!