Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fish Face

So Ellie has a new trick....she sucks both sides of her top lip in and makes a fish face. It's hilarious, and I have tried over the past several days to get a picture of her doing it and the one we got was of half a fish face and the end of another. Here is a video too of me trying to get it. She sort of does it at the very end.

It's been a busy last 2 days. Friday Ellie, Nonna and I went shopping! We went to get Addi's birthday present and also found some really cute things at a little boutique in Patton Creek. We were pretty exhausted after a day of shopping and running errands. We went for a walk when we got home and then that was it! Lights out! Today, Nonna left .... after babysitting us for a week! Thank goodness she was here because I did NOT want to stay home by myself. Plus, she and Ellie got to spend some good time together. After she left, Ellie and I took off for Addi's birthday party. She had a great time watching all the big kids play. I got one picture of her while we were there in her party dress. She was pretty pooped after that and slept all the way home. When we got home she napped some more while I started packing for Mom's. Then we went over to Dad's house for dinner. After going to Emma's to get her mail we came home. Ellie is now in bed, I have finished packing (except for the few remaining bottles in the dishwasher washing) and I am getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day...getting Sam settled in his dorm. He and Dad moved the big stuff today, but they haven't decorated or anything. After that, Ellie and I are BEACH BOUND! (But not before we see Jordan at Bid Day!) Ryan, we are sooooo ready for you to come home! We love you and miss you! We are also looking forward to seeing the pictures from London! Be safe!


  1. bid day!! fun! what did she choose? awwwww! i wish i could've gone too!! hope ya'll are having fun in the sun while we freeze are boobies off here in England!! it's COLD!

  2. where in the heck are the pics from London? She went Alpha Chi Omega.....she's so excited and it was very fun!