Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fathers Day Projects

This Father's Day was a special one because it was Ryan's first! It was also my Dad's first as a Grandfather! So Ellie and I got to work on their Fathers Day presents. We had to be sneaky so Ryan and Papa wouldn't know about their presents and she had such a good time helping me with them. Here are some pictures of all our hard work!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Week Without Daddy...

STREEEEETCHHH! - doesn't she look like Ryan?!?!
What we gonna do today mom?

Sleepy noodle! (I don't see how she doesn't break her back arching like that!
Ryan was gone again this week to UAB for a camp. It was Ellie and me in the mornings. These are some of the pics I took to send to Ryan. Today we also had Ellie's 4 month check up. She is now 12 lbs 7 oz and 24-1/4 inches long. Dr. Andy said she is doing great and we can start giving her rice cereal at night in her bottle. I guess I will attempt that tonight and see what happens! I am hoping that it will help her sleep through the night. She had to get 4 more shots today too and I HATE it! Ryan obviously couldn't go with me so I had to go by myself and hold her arms down while they stuck her. I felt like a traitor! She was just looking into my eyes the whole time like "Why Mommy? Why are you letting them do this to me?" It was pretty pitiful. But I was so proud of her because she only cried for a few seconds and then she seemed ok. I gave her a dose of Tylenol right before the shots so it kicked in quickly.

War Eagle!!!

Ellie loves her new Auburn onesie and pink sunglasses!

She was so excited and was laughing and smiling!

She is just wanting to scream WAAAARRRRR EAGLE!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daddy's Out Of Town

Ellie & Papa at the pool

Day 3 - Yay! Daddy's coming home tonight!

Day 2 - Laying out by the pool

1st night - 2 hours past my bedtime & wide awake!

Day 1 - first thing in the morning

Day 2 - still a little sleepy

This week Ryan was out of town at a soccer camp. It was the first time Ellie and I have been on our own. It didn't take her very long to figure out something was up. I sent Ryan pictures daily of her since I knew he would miss her! The first night she stayed up past her bedtime by 2 hours - she could tell something wasn't the same. The rest of the week she went to bed on time but she was restless and would wake up in the middle of the night. By about 3 am or so she would just end up in the bed with me. Most of these pics are first thing in the morning because that's our favorite time of the day with Ellie. She's the most alert and playful right when she wakes up.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Going to Church

Today we took Ellie to church with us for the first time. Last week Ryan and I got there early so we could check out the children's center and nursery. There were kids EVERYWHERE!!! and I have to say it made me really nervous. The nursery for babies was small and we talked to the man in charge and he seemed really nice. So this morning, off we went. I kept telling Ryan how nervous I was that she was going to be upset the whole time. Sometimes I think when she gets really upset and crying hard it freaks people out and even scares them because they don't know what's wrong with her or what to do. The alternative was to take her into the worship service with us. Which wouldn't be a problem except that I was afraid we would end up looking at, playing with, worrying about her and not pay attention to the which case, why go? So we arrived at the nursery and there was the nice man we met the week before. There were a few other babies in there all being so good and plenty of nursery workers. I told the nice man where her things were and that I was afraid that she would get really upset b/c she's only 3 months old (I'm such a first time mom!). He said, don't worry, I am ready for high maintenance, bring it on! (Little did he know that my precious Ellie can be the QUEEN of high maintenance!) They have a system at our church (since it's so big) for when the nursery workers need you. They flash your child's number up on the big screens in the sanctuary. Ryan and I were placing bets on not IF, but WHEN Ellie's number would flash. (Aren't we terrible! We didn't even give our little girl the benefit of the doubt that she would be happy in the nursery) The service came and went and no number flashing for Ellie. As we walked toward the nursery I kept listening for her distinctive cry. (I always thought people were "Koo Koo" when they said a mother can tell her child's cry.....but now I know how true that is) I didn't hear anything. Looking into the nursery there she was sleeping in the nice man's arms. I asked him was she sleeping the whole time or did she cry? And he gave me this look.....those of you who have ever been with Ellie during a meltdown know the look I am talking about ....and he said "Oh, she cried....she REALLY cried. She was NOT happy, but we eventually got it worked out and she fell asleep" The look on his face was enough, there was no need for an explanation. I felt for him, I really did. It's hard enough to get her calmed down when you know what she needs and how to calm her. But this man had no clue! I am impressed that he got her to calm down. He said she cried for 15 minutes. It breaks my heart to think she was upset for that long. He did say that she was invited back next week - so she must have done something good :) Sweet Baby!

P.S. I am a slacker Mom and forgot to take my baby's picture of her first day in church - in her sweet pink eyelet dress. Maybe we'll get dressed up this week and take it and pretend we took it on the real day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rolling Over